About me

My name is Glenn Wickins and I am the author of the blog Getting More Out of Your Students.  I have been managing groups of teachers for about 7 years now and teaching a couple more so I am no stranger to the teachers room.

I am writing this blog because I notice that ESL teachers often do not get the support from their employers that they should.  I hope that in writing this blog, I can at least help to satisfy the thirst for knowledge that ESL teachers often show or at the very least, give the teachers a small taste of the world of knowledge that goes into teaching well.  As we all know, doing a class is easy but helping students to acquire a language in a fast and convenient way class after class takes a lot of skill and knowledge. 

I hope that I can reference material, add my own input and string it into something useful for you to use in your classroom.

Other stuff:
I am currently studying a post-grad diploma in Second Language Teaching.  This blog is a way for me to organise my thoughts and to take the research that I am studying and translate it into something that is useful in the classroom.
I have taught in Japan, New Zealand and Thailand.  So, if you notice a little prejudice towards these learners, I hope you'll understand that they make up most of my experience.